To celebrate the creation of T1 Foundry’s new home, we’ve put together an IRRESISTIBLE offer that’ll allow the few who manage to secure it a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to using the T1 Korium in the real world.

We’ve made 200x inclusive, lifetime font licenses available. Discounted from £2,000 to £20 (99% OFF!).

But what does an inclusive commercial lifetime license include, you ask?

Perpetual or in-perpetuity means never-ending, for life, meaning the license will never expire. Keeping scrolling to learn more. 

What’s Included 

• 1-3 Users / 1-3 Locations
• 1x Font Weight Per Order
• Commerical & Personal Usage
• Desktop License
• Web License (unlimited page views)
• Logo / Mark License (unlimted)
• Social Media License (unlimited)
• Broadcasting License (including music streaming and film, no restrictions on views)
• Product Sales License (up to 1,000 units sold for financial gain)
• Unlimited Third Party Rights
• FREE Font Updates For Life

What's NOT Included

• Modifications (letterforms)
• Transferability 
• Applications / Interface License
• Re-sell / Redistribution of the Font Software
• Product Sales License (over 1,000 units sold for financial gain)

Have questions? Email us at t1foundry@type-01.com.