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T1 Korium

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T1 Korium is a powerful, contemporary sans serif font family of 5 separate cuts equipped with variable font technology. Packing a punch with its dynamic rhythm, beginning with the highly stressed Ss, definitive features, like the angular terminals on letters like Kk and Ss, were designed to merge at the same height to keep a consistent texture across long words while remaining bold and expressive. 

T1 Korium’s namesake was inspired by corium, a deadly, lava-like material created in the core of a nuclear reactor during a meltdown incident. You can find the character set packed with symbols you would associate with a nuclear plant setting, like a complete set of wayfinding arrows, the Atom, Biohazard, Radioactivity symbols, chemical signs, and more Unicode easter eggs.

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— Total Glyph Set: 625
— Latin-1 Language Support 
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Punctuation
— Oldstyle Numbers
— Symbols
— Fractions
— Variable Font + 5x Weights
— Stylistic Alternate ‘A’

Type Designer: Valerio Monopoli 
Release: 2021