Below you can find a detailed description of our licensing terms, the different licenses that we offer, and the information you’ll need to understand the kind of license that you or your client requires.


Here at T1 Foundry, we follow a value-based licensing model based on the total number of people working for the client who we commonly refer to as THE LICENSEE. This structure was chosen to fairly charge the different types and sizes of clients, from international corporations to start ups.

With this in mind, we base our pricing on the client employee total, not the size of the design agency they hire, or the number of people in their design department, or the number of people who use the font. Design agencies, studios and subcontractors are covered for usage in all our EULA’s through Third Party coverage (see below for more). 


Our EULA’s cover the use of the font software purchased in one (1x) commercial project, and an unlimited number of personal projects per EULA. A personal project is considered something that has not been created for a commercial entity like a business, sole trader or brand. Personal projects can include conceptual brand identities & packaging, online briefs, poster designs and student projects. 


The typeface and / or the software and / or font software represented by the EULA remains the intellectual property of T1 Foundry or its relevant Creator(s).   


After the font license purchase has been made, THE LICENSEE  becomes a licensed USER, NOT an owner of the software.


Our EULA’s grants THE LICENSEE with the ability to share the font software with the same number of USERS or EMPLOYEES that has been selected at the checkout, and furthermore, what appears on the billing invoice after the purchase is complete. 

If THE LICENSEE is a business, this EULA grants them the right to install the font software at up to three (3x) locations but must still adhere to the number of EMPLOYEES or USERS that they have licensed the font for. If the number of locations allowed does not cover the number of EMPLOYEES within a company, THE LICENSEE can either select a higher tier at the checkout, or contact us for an extension if the purchase has already been made.


Third Party / Third Parties refers to any individual or entity including but not limited to, any franchisee, client, subcontractor, supplier or independent professional.

Our EULA's grant THE LICENSEE the ability to provide a temporary License to third parties for a period of time agreed upon between them for the purpose of a design project. Once the services have been completed, and the project terminated, any font files shared with any Third Party / Third Parties shall be removed from all work stations and servers owned by the Third Party / Third Parties unless a proper font license has been purchased by the Third Party / Third Parties.

THE LICENSEE has the responsibility to make sure that the font software is correctly removed from all third party devices stored throughout the project or task that required the font software once the services have been provided.


We offer a variety of licenses, and below we’ve summarised what each one is and what permissions they provide. All our licenses, are one-time fees — no subscriptions or recurring fees. If monitoring your metrics is something you don’t want to be burdened with, you can inquire about our unlimited license options.


By downloading any trial fonts that T1 Foundry offer, THE LICENSEE agrees to use the trial font software for testing purposes only, and shall not publish work utilising the font software under this agreement publicly and / or online personally and / or commercially.


A custom font license can sound expensive, but this can range from a small tweak in our standard licensing to a small to medium sized package of licenses to a completely custom solution to suit a large client who requires a more flexible option.

We also offer a bespoke typeface service or modification services of our existing typefaces too. 

An unlimited license (aka a corporate license) is a license that covers all types of media (i.e., desktop/print, logo/mark, social media, web, app, game and product sales) and has no limit on company size, number of locations the software is installed at, or things like web page views, commercial project total, and number of product units produced. If you’re interested in this option, please send us an e-mail at


If THE LICENSEE is a business and wishes to license the font software to be installed at more than three (3x) locations, or with no restrictions on the number of USERS or EMPLOYEES, or wishes to utilise the font software as a group of companies (operated under a holding company) a specific enterprise license must be purchased. If you’re interested in this option, please send us an e-mail at


Probably one of the most common options out there, our Desktop License will cover most of your commercial or non-commercial font usages. Our Desktop License EULA enables up to three (3x) users if you’re licensing for yourself, or the number of EMPLOYEES you’ve selected for THE LICENSEE's business at the checkout (and also appears on your billing invoice) to install the font software and create documents and digital images for print and screen, covering the use in programs where you can create an output (like Adobe’s Creative Suit, Sketch, or Microsoft Office) usually exported in the format of GIF’s JPEG’s, PDF’s, PNG’s, EPS, etc. These digital images can be published on a website, social media platform, or any kind of printed media as long as it’s not sold for financial gain.

Our Desktop License also allows you to utilise the font software purchased in digital ads with no restrictions on the number of engagements it collects. 


With our Web License, this will give you the right to embed the font software into the CSS code of a single website domain as titles and body copy. A lot of web design platforms these days have much simpler ways of embedding the font software through plugins and other functions. Our Web License follows a monthly ‘page views’ tiering system which measures the traffic of THE LICENSEE’s site. If you exceed the limit stated in your license, you’ll need to either extend, or contact us to pay for the next tier.

A common question is whether you’re allowed to upload a digital image or GIF that utilises a font in a web URL environment. The answer is yes you are but you must purchase our Desktop License and will not need our Web License for this usage.


Our Logo / Mark License allows you to use the font software as part of a design of a logo or an iconic mark that is representative of a single company, project, or person — and trademark it in an unlimited number of countries worldwide. Approved formats can include JEPG, PNG, EPS, GIF, MP4. Our Logo / Mark License also allows you to publish the logo on all social media platforms, URL web pages / sites, used for digital/physical ads, and branded merchandise materials as long as they are not sold for financial gain — this usage would require a product sales license extension (see more below). 


TV broadcasting, OOH, Youtube, movie streaming platforms such as, but not limited to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, cinema, cinema advertising, custom streaming, music streaming platforms including, but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, public and or / streamed music events, are all considered broadcasting cases specially for video and moving image that is publicly transmitted.

The creation of digital images and video is covered by the Desktop license, but if you wish to broadcast by any of the mediums listed above, you’ll need a broadcasting License to cover that usage. Our broadcasting license allows THE LICENSEE to broadcast to an unlimited number if countries worldwide with no restrictions on collected engagements including views, likes, dislikes and impressions. 


Fonts can be embedded into application content (desktop / mobile / Dapps), user interfaces or other content for personal computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and smart televisions. If you’re interested in this option, please send us an e-mail at


Lastly, we come to the final license; a product sales license extension. This license isn’t visible on our font’s product page or checkout, but absolutely exists and is available for clients to add to their EULA’s. 

Selling products that utilise the font software for financial gain, is a usage that’s typically priced by unit tiers. Similar to how you have monthly web page caps for web licenses, product sales licenses will have a limit on the number of products or ‘units’ you can produce. A product sales license extension can come with a higher price tag especially for larger production sizes, or an ‘unlimited lifetime’ usage — but can also be a huge asset to brand. This is because the font will contribute to the success of the units sold, and therefore will need to be compensated fairly,  reflecting a more value-based approach as we’ve outlined before. Generally employee stats aren’t taken into account when adding this usage to a EULA, rather the unit size.  

Why is it structured this way? Well, imagine if a clothing brand purchased a font license for £30 and then produced 100K units, each priced at £30, they sell out within a year and the company would have turned over 3million in gross sales, whilst the type designer whose work would have contributed to the products sales success would remain at £30. A slightly pricing system, is therefore implimented to reflect the value the font has provided the THE LICENSEE.


Additionally, here’s some of things that you CAN'T do with our fonts:

• Re-sell the font software
• Use the fonts to promote violence or discrimination
• Convert the fonts to different formats
• Modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble
• Make new fonts based on the typeface design
• Change font names
• Give the fonts to unlicensed parties
• Put the fonts on public servers or public repositories


We love seeing how our clients and customers have used our fonts. From the moment THE LICENSEE’s work utilising the font software is public, the Creator of the purchased font software and T1 Foundry is entitled to use THE LICENSEE’s company’s name, as well as any images and videos of the font use, for marketing and case study reasons ONLY to share on social media, host it on our website, and put it in books and magazines. If THE LICENSEE does NOT wish to comply with this, then you'll need to contact us to discuss it's removal from our standard EULA.


Any breach of the terms of our EULA's shall be cause for termination of the license. In the event of termination, and without limitation of any remedies under law and equity, THE LICENSEE agrees to immediately return or destroy the font software, at the discretion of T1 Foundry, and certify that no copy remains in your possession or control. 

If the font software is unlicensed, activated and used, this is a major breach of the terms of license. THE LICENSEE will therefore agree to retrospectively settle with the appropriate license by paying in full (in GBP Sterling £) for the usage. THE LICENSEE must agree to settle this within thirty (30) days and pass any information that T1 Foundry requires on page views per month, application (iOS, Android and other platforms) downloads and number of users utilising the font software on computers / or devices. 

Use of fonts without license or adequate licensing will require a license to be paid for the usage on the softwares retrospectively. T1 Foundry reserves the right to charge as it sees fit for time, expenses and legal work undertaken. 

Lastly, we reserve the right to ask for a copy / proof of this license at any time — so make sure it's stored and filed away correctly and safely.


Congratulations, you’ve just read our entire EULA! If you have any further questions that the above did not answer, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us: 

Need further assistance with licensing? Email us at