About Us

T1 is the official type foundry of TYPE01, a media brand that champions typographic creativity worldwide.

T1 Foundry was founded in 2021, after its first font release T1 Korium, in collaboration with Valerio Monopoli (@morula_type). T1 Foundry produces contemporary, high-quality fonts for designers and brands of all sizes - distributing fair and inclusive licenses that provide with plenty of freedom and flexiblity when using them in the real world.

We provide our clients with font licensing support, bespoke typeface design, and customisation services of our font catalogue.

Contact us at t1foundry@type-01.com.

Selected Clients

What Our Clients Say

Working with T1 Foundry to create a customised typeface for Riot Games LPL has been brilliant. From day 1 they were responsive, open and collaborative, working closely with our design team to achieve a beautiful result. They helped craft the perfect amount of detail and characteristics to ensure it maximised readability for an international audience, while maintaining the attitude and edge needed to bring the rest of the visual identity to life.

- DesignStudio

We chose it for its punchiness and its thick, luscious curves. It works best with a short word / series of characters.We loved working with the chunkiness of T1 Korium. The weight of each letter contrasted with the slits gave it that extra chef's kiss feel. Also, at the moment I'm a big fan of thick type that transforms any short word into a beautiful concrete block of letters. It takes up space really nicely and it just really fun to play with.

- How&How

An incredibly unique & unmissable typeface full of character and finesse, acting as a visual megaphone that can be incorporated into any project that strives to make as much noise as possible. Definitely, one of my favorite new typefaces to play with within my work.

- Carla Palette