DesignStudio x Riot Games: Typeface Customisation

Typeface Customisation • Branding • Art Direction

Work by T1 Foundry for DesignStudio.

"LPL (@lpl.officia) the top-tier professional league for League of Legends in China — and it’s also the world’s largest. They are known for their innovative, mind-bending play style on the rift, pushing every limit and breaking every boundary. It’s not just a state of play — it’s a state of mind, and there’s only one way to describe it — Crazy!

We brought Crazy to life by developing two key behaviours — Tension and Eruption — throughout the visual system, with an ability to flex between calm and sophisticated moments to those that are hyper-energetic and loud. The new visual language consists of five key brand elements: Flow, Frenzy, Focus, Explode, Regenerate — each an expressive, dynamic manifestation of the crazy energy that comes from within the LPL.

Working with T1 Foundry to create a customised typeface for Riot Games LPL has been brilliant. From day 1 they were responsive, open and collaborative, working closely with our design team to achieve a beautiful result. They helped craft the perfect amount of detail and characteristics to ensure it maximised readability for an international audience, while maintaining the attitude and edge needed to bring the rest of the visual identity to life."

Type Designer: Valerio Monopoli (@morula_type)

LPL team:


Words by: DesignStudio

LPL Esports League Typeface Customisation

LPL Esports League Typeface Customisation