• A Brands Guide To Typeface Customisation - (Coming Soon)

A Brands Guide To Typeface Customisation - (Coming Soon)

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Typeface customization can be a huge benefit for a brand who are wanting to stand out against the crowd. You may have found a typeface that is 99% perfect for a logo or brand identity, but one or two letterforms aren't quite right and need a custom refinement to fit your vision, or perhaps you're looking for something really unique — like a bespoke typeface. 

To help navigate this aspect of typeface design, we've put together a useful guide for brands to give them a better understanding of the craft,  fused with a list of best practices, that'll help make the process smoother for both the client and type designer. 

Topics Covered 

— A brief summary of what typeface customization is
— Small, medium, and large customizations
— Bespoke typefaces
— Best practices when commissioning a customizations
— Licensing 

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