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Request To Purchase Exclusive Copyrights

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Purchasing exclusive copyrights to a font has many benefits for brands or individuals who want to stand out against the crowd. 

What exactly does it mean? 

Purchasing the exclusive copyrights means that you're purchasing the exclusive and assignable legal right to using the font(s) from the date of sale. This means from the date of sale, the font(s) will stop distributing licenses to the public, and no other individual, brand, or organization can purchase the right to use it/them from that point onwards. 

Some of the benefits include:  

— Stand out against the rest. Secure your brand, project, or artwork with a unique tone of voice, that stands out against the noise of the design industry, for life. 

— Gives you full exclusivity from the date of sale. No other person, company, or organization will be able to license or use the font from the date of sale. 

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