• Product Sales License Extension

Product Sales License Extension

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To help get you started, our standard inclusive license allows you to produce a small run of 1,000 digital or physical product units sold for financial gain utilising the font(s) software at no extra cost. 

This license extension is only required if wish you to produce over 1,000 units. 

What is considered a 'unit'? 

1x Digital Unit = A digital download, PDF, E-Publication, JPEG (NFTs), or file. 

1x Physical Unit = The product itself, the individual packaging or label, packaging (tissue paper, stickers, marketing materials), consumer (B2C) shipping packaging, and courier packaging (B2B). 

Free products do not require a license extension. 

FAQ — How do I know which font I am extending the license for? 

Simply add this in the 'notes' section when you add the license to your cart. 

Need an unlimited license? Email us at t1foundry@type-01.com